Our spa is a paradise for sauna lovers, because here’s entirely six different saunas: Finnish sauna, salt sauna, storm sauna, tar sauna, juniper sauna and steam sauna.
There are also cold-water buckets for cooling down the body, and a bar with a relaxation area.


In a classic Finnish sauna the air is hot and dry, and the stepped sauna stage allows you to regulate the enjoyment of different temperatures. The temperature in the sauna rises to 80 degrees.

Research confirms that regular sauna-goers are healthier and have less stress than others. Finnish sauna is beneficial for health due to the optimal humidity and temperature ratio.


The temperature range of the steam sauna is 45-50 degrees and the humidity exceeds 100%. A steam sauna puts less strain on the body than a regular sauna and allows the procedure to be repeated at a time convenient for the visitor.Your skin will thank you after the steam bath – the moist heat stimulates the blood supply of blood vessels under the skin and cleans the skin intensively, making it soft, clean and silky smooth.


With a low air temperature (up to 60 degrees) and humidity, the sauna can comfortably used also by guests who cannot stand the heat much.
As islanders, we could talk about the juniper health benefits for hours, but the most powerful of them is the antibacterial and antiviral effect juniper oil has. Therefore, the juniper sauna is especially useful during the virus period, because it is a good helper to prevent illness or to get rid of colds and coughs.


Tar has been one of the health promoters in many cultures for centuries.

There are written reports about tar in this region since the Middle Ages, and one of the main tar production areas was right here in Saaremaa, in the pine-rich areas of Mustjala.The heat of the tar stick is nearly 100°C. A high temperature raises the body temperature to about 39°C, with internal organs staying close to 37°C. Blood circulation of the skin accelerates, which in turn intensifies sweating.


Salt is known in folk medicine for its extraordinary healing properties for centuries. 

Salt sauna is the mildest type of sauna, which has a cooling effect and relieves ailments related to respiratory diseases, because breathing in salty air has a healing effect on the respiratory system. In addition to that, it helps treat acne-prone or eczema-prone skin. Due to its water-releasing properties, it is also an effective treatment for cellulite.Since the air temperature in the sauna is up to 60 degrees, a single stay in the salt sauna can last longer, up to 40 minutes.


Rain sauna is unique in Estonia – a vivid experience for all the body senses, because in addition to the temperature and humidity levels, also aroma, lights and sounds change in the sauna according to the program chosen by the visitor.

You have an opportunity to experience warm tropical rain, cooler mist, summer drizzle and a Caribbean storm.
The high humidity level of the sauna works especially well for moisturizing the skin.