Meri Spa Hotel’s spa includes a 5x15m indoor pool, 8x3m massage pool with numerous massage jets, children’s pool in safe depth and relaxing jacuzzi.


The 5×15 metre swimming pool has several different relaxing massage jets and a waterfall. In addition, the pool is equipped with a countercurrent swimming device, which is a great tool for those who are looking for physical exercise in addition to relaxing the body in the water.
Water temperature: 28°C


The acupuncture massage jets of the 8×3 meter pool allow you to take part in concentrated massage experiences – in addition to the sides of the pool, there are also massaging devices at the bottom, so that even the most tired feet can be pampered by the water.
Water temperature: 32°C


The 3×3 metre children’s pool is comfortably separated from the massage pool – parents can comfortably keep an eye on their little ones.
The water temperature of the children’s pool is 32°C and the safe depth is 0.3 meters.


While enjoying a hot tub, we often don’t realize that apart from relaxation, it is also beneficial for our physical health. Vibration in the bath reduces muscle strains, reduces pressure on blood vessels and contributes to the improvement of healthy blood circulation. The hot tub has also been proven to have a good effect on insomnia, relieving stress and improving bowel function.


Tempering in cold water or snow has gone hand in hand with hot sauna for centuries. Such contrast strengthens the body’s resistance to diseases and boost immune system.